How to remove dog pee odor

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remove pee odor

If you have just adopted a puppy, you should probably be thinking about how to deal with some of your new partner’s mess. Puppies and adults dogs who were not trained usually urinate anywhere at home, and then you have the task of cleaning everything. In order to help you, we will give you some tips on how to remove the dog pee odor by using what you have at home.

When talking about cleaning, it is common for us to think about chemical products with strong odor, which often only mask odors and do not eliminate it, as well as being harmful to the dog health and even to our own. Therefore, it’s important to get to know what to use to be efficient and not annoy your partner.

Products to remove dog urine odor

Understand that you do not need disinfectants, chlorine and other products to remove the dog urine odor. Items like vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and lemon can fulfill that mission without spending money and time. The secret is in knowing how to use these elements. Follow our recommendations:

Vinegar: this is a product to remove the dog urine odor that, of course, you have at home. Simply mix a glass of vinegar with a glass of warm water and spray on the area to remove the urine odor. After this, just remove the excess.

Sodium bicarbonate: this substance is very effective to neutralize organic odors as is the case of dog urine. You can use it mixed with vinegar or apply it to the previously sanitized and moistened area, and when it dries, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess.

Lemon: lemon juice has several uses, when combined with sodium bicarbonate is transformed into a foolproof product to extract the dog urine odor. The lemon-based solution is made by mixing two glasses of water, half a glass of lemon juice, and half a glass of sodium bicarbonate. Simply homogenize and spray on the area.

Important tips on dog urine

1. It is important to note that the guidelines above are efficient to remove the dog pee odor and not for the urine itself, so it is necessary to do a hygiene before;

2. If your partner has created the habit of peeing on the carpet, make a solution of vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it on the carpet. Be careful to choose a clear vinegar to avoid staining the carpet;

3. If urine is dry, the best alternative is to mix vinegar with sodium bicarbonate and water.


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